How to Create a PDF File link in ACT

Note: Depending on the version of QwikQuote and corresponding ACT supported in your quoting software system
the UI you see might be a little different than shown below in this document.
However, the content and the fuctionality should be the same in your quoting software setup.

In most of cases, you want to setup a quote file link in your contact manager such ACT in your quote software system.
Fortunately, this is the default setting in QwikQuote you quote software setup.

In some cases, If you need to create a PDF quote file link in your contact manager such as ACT or GoldMine,
it is easier if you choose the option Add PDF File Line in Contact Manager
on the PDF Settings tab of the of the QwikQuote 6 Options dialog in your quote software system
such as the screenshot displayed below:

When you choose this option, whenever you save your quote after the 1st time created or modification a copy of new PDF file is aways created and linked in the contact manager for you in your quoting software system.

In ACT, you can choose to either create history link on the PDF file link or Document link to the PDF file in your quote software system. This option is avaiale on ACT 2010 and later releases supported by your quoting software setup..

On the dialog Save Quote Info by ACT UI, you can decide if the PDF file link is to be created in your quote software system,
such as the screenshot image shown below:

If you choose to do so, a sample final result of PDF quote file link created in the ACT in your quote software system
is similar as screenshot shown below:

Encounter any issue, contact us at QwikQuote support by send an email with the error screenshot to us at