How to Fix Error 3706, 3275 when Importing Excel Sheet to Price List


With the Windows 2017 ‘Fall Creators Update’, when you importing Excel Sheet into QwikQuote Price List, you may encounter following error with .XLSX file:


And you may encounter the following error when try to import .XLS files:


This is because this latest Widnows update to date completely obsolated the support for DAO, making old QwikQuote versions not able to import Excel sheet properly.


To fix this issue, QwikQuote 6.7.004 the latest released version has changed to use new Microsoft Access Database Engine when importing Excel sheet into QwikQuote price list.  Please try the following to fix this issue.


1.    Try to use latest QwikQutoe released version 6.7.004 or later - you can get it right here at QwikQuote web site.

2.    Please goto the following page on Microsoft web site:
Please try to download and install the file AccessDatabaseEngine.exe with the file size abut 23.5Mb
    similar as screenshot shown below:


3.    You may need to close QwikQuote and then re-open it again to take effect of new Microsoft Access Database Engine in your quoting software.


Enjoy your QwikQuote!


Note: If the problem still exists, please contact our support team at for further help.