How to Make Sure QwikQuote Use the Right Layout


It is a good idea to design different layout files and use them for different purposes for a quote in your quoting software system. This feature is powerful and convenient to raise the working efficiency in you quoting software setup.


However, you may end up in a number of layout file saved in different locations in your quoting software system. It might be the time you get a little confused when trying to use the layout you intended to – this is specially the case when you trying to move QwikQuote to a new computer upgrading your quoting software system.


Please try the following steps to ensure you use the rights layout you want to use in your quoting software system:


1.    Make sure the layout path is pointed to the right folder where you layout file stored.

2.    Make sure you choose the right layout file to use

3.    Make sure all pages – Single page, First Page, Middle Page, and Last Page
are all your new contents. This is typically if you use “Save as …” to create new layout from existing ones.

If still not to get the issue resolved in your quote software system, please shot us an email at for GoToMeeting support.