How to Set Options in One Computer to be Used on Other Computers

In QwikQuote the professional business Quoting Software & invoicing software the design conception is to let each network client user has ability to set his/her own Options setting. This is to ensure the maximum usability and flexibility in a group of salespersons in a company or corporation implementing our Quoting Software system.

However, in some working environment, a company might need to require its sales forces to use consistent look, feel, and behavior in its presentations to customers and clients. This often leads to request that their Quoting Software or quotation software tool environment to use unified Options setting. To address this scenario, our Quoting Software package has a function to save all the Options settings from any client workstation in network to QQ6 Server location and any other workstations can read the Options Settings from server location to itself and use the Options setting as its own.

Try as the following steps to share QwikQuote 6 Options Settings among network client workstations so that you
can make network client workstations behavior much the same among your sales quoting software & quotation software scenario:

  1. Set Options on One Network Workstation and Save Settings to QwikQuote 6 Server Location
    When the computer is configured to run as network workstation of our Quoting Software & quotation software, the two command button named as 'Read from Server' and 'Save to Server' will be enabled
    such as the screenshot image shown below:

    You should first choose all Options Settings on different tabs on the workstation you are working on,
    and then press the 'Save to Server' button to save them to QQ6 Server making then available for other
    workstations in the sales Quoting Software & quotation software network system.
  2. Read the Options from Server to any Network Client Workstation
    After the Options settings saved onto the QQ6 Server location, any client workstation in the network of the
    Quoting Software & quotation software system can read from it and using by itself by pressing the button
    'Read from Server' and then press the OK button to save the Options settings to itself.
    To make some settings to take effect in the running Quoting Software & quotation software you need
    to close and then re-start the Quoting Software & quotation software again.

Note: QwikQuote 6 Options settings are saved in an INI file called QQuote6.INI.
In most of cases, it is saved in the Windows folder as:
However in a computer with the Virtual Store enabled,
it will be saved in the virtual store under your logon name,
such as screenshot image displayed below:

In this case, each logon user on this very same computer
will see and feel as work on different computers of their own.
In this case, each logon user has to set up their own QwikQuote 6 Options
and each logon user can have their own QwikQuote 6 Options settings
in the business sales Quoting Software & quotation software setup.

Note: Basically it is OK to copy and save the Options settings in our sales Quoting Software & quotation software from on computer to another. However, care must be paid to ensure the path and files referenced in the
Options setting are all existed and accessible to the logon user of the target computer, and access rights
should be set appropriately so that the operation can be successful. In some cases, FULL control rights
must be set on folders and directories where you want to save and manipulate files and folder operations while running our sales quoting & quotation software setup.