How to Use QwikQuote County (City) Level
Tax Rate & Freight Feature


To address the issue that some states have adopted County level tax,
QwikQuote adds County Level Tax Rate & Freight feature
to the quoting software and invoice software package.

This feature is implemented as an optional feature that one has to check it before it is to take effect
in you quoting software and invoicing software setup.

The implementation of this feature provides fields in Contact
to store County, County Tax Rate, and County Freight information.
(City field has already existed in most of contact managers supported
in your quoting software system.)

It also provides controls for behaviors of the feature and
picking the right County-Tax-Freight bundle to use in the sales quotes processing
in your quote software and invoice software configuration.

The feature is available in the following update build at: (or later ones) (6.5.004) (6.5.004)
Or newer versions that will be released later.


In this document the basic information is provided
for you start to explore and make use of it in your business.


If you encounter problem or have any idea/suggestion to your quoting software,
please take some screenshots to illustrate your concept
and send an email to with the screenshots as attachment.


1: Quick Start


The following are quick steps to use the feature

  1. Download and save the following executable to your hard disk, and then run it for new install for existing QwikQuote

  2. Prepare your Excel file of County-Tax-Freight/City-Tax-Freight information in the Excel file
    to be used in your quote software and invoice software system
    C:\Program Files\QQ6\FL County Tax Rates.xls
    with the format and sheet name as screenshots below:
    Note: QwikQuote will auto check if it is to use County or City depending on your column title
    Note: If you use other XLS file name, you need to specify the path – see below Options.
    Note: If you use Office 2007 or Office 2010, you need to save the file in Excel 97-2003 format. (XLS)

  3. Select to use the feature by check the check box
    on the QwikQuote 6 Options dialog/Tax Rate tab in running quoting software
    such as the screenshots similar as below:

  4. When the feature is enabled in your quote software system,
    then Pick the County Tax Rate and its Freight bundle controls are shown up in the quote view
    such as the screenshot shown below:

  5. You do the rest of the sales quotes processing as you do it before normally in your quote software
    In most of cases by pressing the button
    or the ‘Bring in XXX Contact’ button to find the contact to use for the current working sales quote.

    Note: When you pick or bring your contact, QwikQuote will auto check if it match the County or City
    If there is match find, it will pick that tax rate to use.
    If no County or City find, you need to manually choose.

  6. If you modified your County (City) Tax Rate data in the Excel file in your quote software system
    Try to press the re-load button to get your new County (City) Tax Rate data at least once

Good luck and prospers business!


2: Feature Controls


On the QwikQuote 6 Options dialog/Tax Rate tab
the checkbox control is used for control of the County Level Tax Rate feature
enabled or not in your quote software and invoice software setup
such as the screenshot image displayed below:


If it is checked, the County Level Tax Rate feature will be applied if it is available

If it is not checked, the County Level Tax Rate feature will be applied
all the behaviors in your quote software will be the same as before.


Also you can choose to use State Tax + County Tax (City Tax) combination pattern
or use County Tax only approach in your sales quotes processing in running quote software
by click at corresponding option box as screenshot image below:


You can also choose if you want to auto-apply Freight related to
the county (City) name to the quote in your running quote software
by checking the checkbox as:


You can also use the browse button to pick the Excel file that stores the county tax rate information.
The default Excel file is:
C:\Program Files\QQ6\FL County Tax Rates.Xls
and it must be in the format of Excel 1997, 2000, 2002, or 2003 format.


The default file name is FL County Tax Rates.Xls
with the following formats of information stored in the file:

Note: The sheet name must be the same as in the screenshot above: taxfreight



3: County Field in Contact


When the feature is selected, the Contacts dialog used for QwikQuote pick contact and maintain contact
when you click at the button in the quote view
will have a new field called County show up as:

This is where the County field value is stored if you pick a county tax value in the quote view.


If the contact manager you use does not support the County field
then values will be auto filled when you pick the County-Tax-Freight bundle in quote view.


In another word – if your contact does not support the county field in your quote software system
then you need to pick the County manually for the current quote you are working on.


4: Choose County-Tax Rate-Freight Bundle in Quote View


When the feature is selected as above by checking the
the quote view will show a new panel just above status bar
that host the dropdown box for you to pick the County-Tax-Freight bundle to use for the quote
Such as screenshot picture demonstrated below:

Note: Conceptually, you should pick it after you pick the contact
so that you can have a clearer idea of State/County (City) map.
In fact, QwikQuote does not check and verify it correctness
and then you can pick it at any moment at your convenience.
However, you must make sure the Sate/County (City) mapped correctly
if it is not able to auto-matched in your quote software at runtime.

5: County Tax Rate Feature in Action


If you select the County Level Tax Rate feature and
choose to Use State Tax + County Tax mode as in your quote software system
then the total tax will be applied as:

Note: As per Karen Fredricks <> (Tech Benders, LLC)’s comments on October 09, 2008
that this is a simple tax mode -
using state as a basic rate and adding to it would solve the problem.


If you choose County Tax only option,
then only County Tax Rate will be applied as:


When you press the button to add Freight related to the County to the quote,
it will try to add it to the last row of the quote in the quote software processing,
and you can notice that it will not include any taxes
Such as the following screenshot shows:


Note: Normally, we suppose the last item to add in a quote is the Freight or the shipping fee
and it is added to the last row of the quote.
If you have added it before the last item is added,
you can press it again – this action will try to move it to the last row of the quote.

Note: You press the button more than once
However, no matter how many time you press it,
only one row of Freight can be added
- if you want to charge Freight more than one time,
try to add it by copy and past yourself manually.

X: Open Issues …


  1. As the sample Excel county tax rate and freight info show that there is no State in the table,
    you then responsible to pick the right County with matching State where the county stays in.