How to Use QwikQuote in Cloud (Azure)

As your business grows up and expands, you will need the ability to access your quote software and/or quote data remotely.

There are a number of approaches to extend your quote software system to get the remote access ability.
Among them, running your quote software system in cloud is getting more and more popular over other approaches.


If you need the ability to access your quoting software and sharing your quote information remotely from anywhere
the key benefits of running quoting software in cloud than other approaches to get the similar functions include:


The basic idea to use QwikQuote in cloud is to setup a Virtual Machine of Windows platform computer in your Cloud such as Microsoft Azure.
And then install and run QwikQuote by way of remote desktop to the Virtual Machine in the cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure.


The Virtual Machine/Remote Desktop approach has more power and ability than standard web application running only within browsers.


You can create a Microsoft Account and setup your Azure usage ready for QwikQuote by setup a Virtual Machine of any Windows Platform
- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012 or Virtual Machine Computers
- Download QwikQuote from QwikQuote web site and run it to setup and run QwikQuote with much the same experiences way as on your local PC.


The following are outline or general steps to implement running QwikQuote quote software in cloud (Azure).


1.  Try and Feel the QwikQuote Running in the Cloud (Azure)


It is a good idea for you to try actually running QwikQuote in Cloud (Azure) with the minimum resources and hence the lowest price tag possible.
This will help you understand and plan your business requirement in real production and the investment you need for you quote software system.


You can contact us for at QwikQuote Tech support
or QwikQuote Sales for test QwikQuote running in Cloud (Azure) anywhere in the world.


We will provide you the remote desktop connect file so that you can try and feel the effect of running your quoting software system in cloud
with minimum resources or worst case.  This will ensure your actual quote software system in production will be better than what you know.

Hope to hear from you soon.

2.  Sign up your Microsoft Account

If you do not have a Microsoft Account,
    go to the following page and try to create your Microsoft Account.
If you already have your Microsoft Account, skip this step.

3.  Order your Cloud Product or Try it for Free First

If you have not purchased your Azure products,
    then you can try it for free for up to 3 months from the following page
Click at the hotspot at  in the following page and follow the on screen prompt to try your Azure
You can go the Azure Pricing page below to try and estimate your pricing running QwikQuote in Cloud.
For QwikQuote only, $13.00 for 1 user per month is good enough as run QwikQuote on your local PC experiences.
    such as screenshot form Microsoft Azure price estimate web page below:


4.  Prepare your Virtual Machine in Cloud to install QwikQuote

Log in your Azure Management Portal from link below:

And try to create a Virtual Machine as below:
On the Windows Azure portal, choose Cloud Service
and then click the  to create a new Cloud service of the type Virtual Machine.

Click the hot spot  to create and manage your virtual machine in Windows Azure.
Try to choose to create a virtual machine From Gallery .
    This is the fastest and simplest approach to create your Virtual Machine,
    such as the screenshot below:
Try to choose to create Windows Sever 2008 R2 virtual machine by click at
    such as the screenshot below:
Try to create the Virtual Machine with the following settings
      Virtual Machine Name:       QQInCloud2013
      New User Name:                  Administrator
      Password:                             *****************
      Size:                                       Medium (2 cores, 3.5 GB RAM)
        (In your production case, you should use whatever you plan for your quote software system.)
For simplicity of this demonstration,
      Choose to create a Standalone Virtual Machine
      With the DSN Name as:     QwikQuoteInCloud           
      And choose region at:         East US
        (In your production case, you should use whatever you plan for your quote software system.)
And choose no Availability option
    such as screenshot shown below:
Connect to the Virtual Machine just Created by pressing at Connect hot spot ,
    such as the screenshot shown below:
But a better approach is to move your mouse over the Connect  hot spot and when the popup menu is shown up,
    then click at the dropdown arrow of the Save button  
    and then choose Save as  
    to save the Remote Desktop connection file automatically created by Windows Azure for you:
For simplicity of this demonstration,
    let/s save the RDP file to the desktop for re-use with the filename at your choice:
 And after the RDP file is saved, then you can check and edit it or rename it for re-use
    such as the screenshot shown below:
You can double-click the icon  to connect to the Virtual Machine we just created.
    This is the same experiences as you do remote desktop to any computer.   
When asking your permission to connect, you should say yes by pressing the Connect button .
Then you should type in the Password you used above
Type in the Password you used above char by char
    – Do not use copy-paste for it will not work in this login.
When asking your permission to connect again, you should press Yes button .

Voila, you are in the Virtual Machine in Cloud now
    just much the same experiences as you do with remote desktop connect to any remote computer
    such as the screenshot shown below:

Add some test users as:

    You can go to computer management to add some local users to the virtual machine.

UserName:                      qqcloudtester          Passwords:               qwikquote2012!

UserName:                      qqcloudtester2       Passwords:               qwikquote2012!

UserName:                      qqcloudtester3       Passwords:               qwikquote2012!

Add then add them to be as remote desktop users

Remove those redirected printers for they pointed to my computer now
and that is sure to get in trouble when you use remote connection from another computer

Add a local printer driver to the system
this is because the re-directed printers will have problem for access rights or re-settings in your quote software system at run time:   

      Do not share this printer from other computers
And set it to be as Windows Default system printer.

      Add QwikQuote web site to trusted sites list.
    This will help you download QwikQuote installation file setup.exe from our web site smoothly.



Now you can download QwikQuote setup.exe from QwikQuote web site within the Virtual Machine
and run the downloaded setup.exe to install and run QwikQuote.
This is almost the same way as you do on your local PC or office server in your quote software system.


Depending on your business requirement, you can install either single user, network user, terminal server user, or Citrix App user
running mode with details as in the following pages: Installation Notes – Single User.htm Installation Notes – Network Users.htm Installation Notes – Terminal Server and Citrix Server Users.htm   

If you do not have time to go through all details of those document – for they are written for all details for tech-support purposes,
you can just download and run the setup file below by following the screen prompt to get QwikQuote installed and running:


If you encounter any issue trying to implement your Cloud Quoting Software System,
just shot us an email at and we are here ready to help you out.


5.  The Road Leading to Success


You know, there are other approaches to access QwikQuote remotely other than Cloud
– such as VPN, remote desktop, Windows terminal server, Citrix App Server, etc.

You need to take all factors into account include but not limited as below:

·         Your present business status

·         Your business grows requirements

·         Your existing hardware and software base

·         Your support technology and personals

·         Other applications you need to run in your quote software system
    such as Outlook, ACT, QuickBooks, GoldMine, Maximizer, TeleMagic, etc.

·         Other issues you see in your views

·         Data exchange between your local computers and the virtual machine in the cloud.

·         How much control ability you want to have over your quotation software system.


You should carefully choose what approach you really need to implement in your quote software system
to get your remote access and share to your quote software and quote data in your quote software system.


If you have any specific question or issue, you can contact QwikQuote tech support at for help.
We are happy to go through more details with you over the issue you concerned. 


Hope to hear from you soon.

Enjoy your QwikQuote – the simplest and powerful quote software in the market!