How to fix Error 482 - Printer Error in your Quoting Software


Though this is rare to happen, you may encounter Error 482 message
similar as screenshot shown below in your QwikQuote quoting software system:


Depending on the hardware and software envrionments of your computer,
please check the following points for possible solutions to resolve this problem.


1.    Do you have rights to manipulate Printers on your computer?
On Windows Vista, 7, 8, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 and later computers
    it may be set to need Administrator rights to do this because of higher security requirements.
You can use ‘Run as Administrator’ to run QwikQuote to see if this error happens or not to Administrator user.

2.    Is the Windows default printer set to a Local Physical Printer Driver?
QwikQuote talks to Windows Default Printer for printing and PDF functions
     (A typical Windows supported Printer Driver is OK, not really physical printer.)
If Windows Default Printer is set to Network printer, software simulated printer, or redirected Printer,
    it is highly possible the rights and/or properties conflict exist.
It is a good idea to add a popular Windows supported Pinter Driver to be Windows Default Printer
    and then close and re-open QwikQuote to try again.

3.    Is your prnter in good working status?
If you do have a physical printer connected to the computer, then check it working status.
You may need to reset it, or power off and then power on of it.

4.    Do you changed Windows Default Printer while QwikQuote is open?
Depend on your computer’s running conditions,
    QwikQuote may or may not able to follow the Windows Default Printer Change.
If you do changed you Windows Default Printer while QwikQuote is running
    It is a good idea to close QwikQuote and then re-open it to see if the error is fixed.

5.    Contact us for GoToMeeting Support.
In case you have looked over above points but still not able to fix the problem
    please contact us at for GoToMeeting support.
With the help of GoToMeeting, we can remotely look over your computer
    and figure out the problem spot to find a solution to your quoting software.


Enjoy your QwikQuote, the simplest quoting software in the marked.