How to fix Price List Import Issue No Description Imported from Excel

During the process of using QwikQuote the Quoting Software and Invoicing Software with out of box quotation templates
to form your sales quotes system, there is one important task for you to tweak is to importing your existing Product/Service Item Pricing information in other formats and file types into QwikQuote Price List database so that it can be used effectively in your quotation templates and Sales Quotes.

In importing your pricing information from Microsoft Excel sheets into your Quoting Software and Invoicing Software setup, you might encounter the issue of no Description field contents in the imported Price List database,
such as the screenshot below:

This issue might happen on all QwikQuote applications that implemented Price List importing ability in the QwikQuote the Quotation Templates and Invoicing Software installed on your computer.

When you encounter this symptom, one possible root reason is the wrong Excel Cell Type you might accidently set in the excel sheets during the process to import and transfer your selling item pricing information into your sales Quoting Software,
Such as the screenshot below that the Description cell is set to as Type Currency instead of General or Text:

It is understand that when doing import transfer in the Quoting Software, the text string in the description cell is turned into NULL when it is handled to Currency by the Access Engine used in the Quoting Software import tools that will result the Description field empty in QwikQuote to make sales quotes.

To fix this issue try to set those cells to Type of the Description Cells to General or Text in Excel sheets as below:

In practice, unless you are sure what internal data type is correct to use in the Access Engine and Visual Basic that are used in our quotation software and quotation templates tools, it is a good idea to set all sells in General Type, that is to let the Quoting Software environment itself to determine the right internal data type to use according to the contents in the actual Excel sheet cells. This approach works fine in most cases except the Part Number field column in the Quoting Software that need to explicitly set as Text type when the cells contain long digits only part number. (Typically this is the case in old time part numbering systems with limited storage volume.)

After make the suggest change and you need try to import your Product/Service Item pricing information again into QwikQuote the quotation software and invoicing software out of box with quotation templates for wide ranges of business professions and industry sections.

Enjoy your QwikQuote the Easiest One to use in Sales Quoting Software and Invoicing Software!