How to use Quote Exchange Rate in your Quote software

Here are some basic concepts involved with the QwikQuote foreign currency or exchange rate support.

1.    If no Item Exchange rate is enabled, QwikQuote use currency in Price List database, and looked is as the currency of any money.  That is to say, you can use any currency in the Price List in your quote software. 

2.    QwikQuote support up to 2 exchange rate or foreign currencies in a quote.  This support means from display in quote view to the report and export to accounting software.  Tough, to use more that 2 foreign currencies simultaneously is possible, but may need you keep track off what to what in your quote software system.

3.    The typical way to implement this is to use one price list with the currency that your company’s internal accounting department using as the base currency in the quote software setup.  This is much easier for you to keep track with currency and exchange rate in the quote software.  And put the other possible foreign currencies in the exchange rate table. We all know that the exchange rate varies day by day, nevertheless the table is still important for the name, county, format …, and other information related to the currency, as well as choose the default currency for a new quote in the quoting software system.  Then, at every quote, you can change the exchange rate for that quote.  Every quote will remember the exchange rate of that quote, and do anything with that exchange rate – mailing quote, creating report, and export to accounting software.  Remember, when you have changed the quote country/currency, a re-price quote act should be done if the Item Exchange Rate is enabled in your quote software system.

4.    You have to enable the quote exchange rate to make those functions available in the quote software system.  

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A:  Download and run the update at:


This will bring you to the latest software.


B:  From QwikQuote, click the Options button at the center of the screen to bring up the Options dialog, such as the screenshot shown below in your quote software setup:


You need to enable  in your quote software by click on it:

Then make sure the currency you are going to use in the quote software setup is in the table and the format is as you needed. 


If you often use one currency, try to set it as Default Exchange Rate.


If the currency you are going to use is not there in quote software yet, you have to use Add button to add whatever you want.


If every thing seems OK, press OK to save your changes.



C:  Select the Alt-1 (corresponding to the first foreign currency) and/or Alt 2 group of currency column for display in quote view as:
and then click OK to back into quote view.

When you back in the quote view, the display show as:

Since we select the Alt 2 extend, that means we want to use another currency, but we did not let the system know this yet in the quote software setup, we need to select it now by pressing Exchange Rate button at the right side of the second row of buttons in the quote software.  

C:  In the select the Select Quote Exchange Rate dialog, you can select or change the actual foreign currency to be used in the active quote you are working on.  And there is the convenient place to change the exchange rate you want to use for each quote. 

When make you selection to be used in the quote software, click OK to exit.

D:  Then we add few product/service items to the current quote.


And you get in quote:

E:  And the print out and mail show be seen from preview as:

Note:  In practice use enable the feature of Store and Retrieve column settings from the Layout.
And then you should create different Layout for different foreign currency. 
On one layout choose only base currency, Alt 1or Alt 2 currency. 
By select that layout, you get the quote in that currency and submitted to corresponding client.
You can also use the feature to hide the currency column if you want only to see by you
     but not by your client in a quote of your quote software system.

You may refer to the document How to Make and Send a Quote in Foreign Currency in QwikQuote Quoting Software in your quote software setup for more details.


F:  This is enough for you start with.

In case you need to do report or export quote and order information in foreign currency, you can set them in report as:


And in QB export as:


G:  To make is a real working system, you need to design a group of layout files include:

One layout for base currency

One layout for Alt. 1 currency

One layout for Alt. 2 currency if you need to use

The easy way to do this is to save them from base currency layout and re-name their file name and title. 

In each layout, you should only use base-currency, Alt. 1, or Alt. 2 currency values such as Tax, Alt. 1 Tax, or Alt.2 Tax respectively unless you want to use more than one currency on one quote.

Then you should check the checkbox called  on the Layout tab of the Options dialog as shown bellow.


This is to let the layout decide the column settings.  You know, you have only one quote and 3 sets of currencies so it must let layout to decide the display.  And you have designed layout for them.


            Then you should chose the layout (Document type) you intended to use one by one, for each layout to select the field sequences on the Quote/Order respectively for those fields (columns) that is intended to be used on that layout, such as the screen shot bellow that try to choose Alt. 1 currency.  You know, that could be any currency you choose to use. 




Then save the quote once.  This does not care for content of the quote, but give chance to let the column settings to be saved in the layout file selected.


Then, change to the next layout and do field selection as mentioned above and remember to save it.


After you get all Alt currency and layout and quote column settings ready, the work become as:


1:  Do a new quote as normal.

2:  Choose the corresponding layout to get the foreign currency quote you want.


In this way, you keep quote in the base currency in your quote software system with your internal accounting, and the quote send out at what currency convenient for your customer. 


As I mentioned before, Tim is an export on this issue.  Please contact Tim Heath for more details.
   Or send an email to for detailed tech support by way of GoToMeeting.

Enjoy your QwikQuote – the most simple yet powerful quoting software long lasting in the market.