What’s new in QwikQuote 6.5.005

  1. New Feature:
    Re-Code and Both QQPDF Printer Driver and QQPDF Print Services for Middle Pages
    Re-coded the QQPDF Printer Driver and QQPDF Print Services so that the Middle Pages in a QwikQuote Layout is handled and page countered correctly.
    From this release and then on, the QQPDF Print Services is included in al l builds so that user can choose to use it in case they encounter QQPDF printer driver install and dynamically create and remove issue especially in a few 64 bit Windows computers. Refer to the http://www.qwikquote.com/HowTo_PDF/How to Use QwikQuote PDF Print Service to Create PDF File.PDF for more details.
  2. New Feature:
    Allow Automatically Add Current Quote Contact to Existing ACT! Sales Opportunity Contact List
    When saving a new quote information into Contact Manager ACT! In your quoting software system, if you choose to modify an existing Sales Opportunity instead of creating a new sales opportunity in ACT!, QwikQuote now checks to see the current contact is in the contact list of the existing Sales Opportunity. If the current quote contact is not in the sales opportunity contact list, then automatically add the current quote contact to the Sales Opportunity Contact List.
  3. New Feature:
    Save Quote Information Correctly when Using Decimal Point as ‘,’
    In the computer where the decimal point is using ‘,’ instead of ‘.’ Now QwikQuote handles it correctly when passing quote information into Contact Managers such as Sage ACT! In your quoting software system.
  4. Behavior Change:
    Allow QwikQuote to Run without Auto Backup in Some Active Directory Environment
    In some Active Directory network environment, it does not allow users to have FULL Control rights to the local QwikQuote main Installation Folder but only with Read and Execute Rights to make your system and quoting software more safer. In this case, QwikQuote now changes the Auto Back up behavior so that as long as user is not able to save in the Active Directory environment to local QwikQuote main installation folder typically at
    C:\Program Files\QQ6\ folder or C:\Program Files (x86)\QQ6\ folder, then stop the feature so that user will not get the path access error and the QwikQuote program in the quoting software and quotation software system can continue to run.
  5. Bug Fix:
    Handle None English Currency Correctly
    When handling none English Currency such as Demark kr 123.456,25 the VB 6.0 function CCur() and Val() cannot process the currency value correctly in the quoting software and invoice software system. Special check and process is implement in this case so that QwikQuote can handle them correctly in English Windows OS computers.
  6. Bug Fix:
    Cannot Stop Getting ACT Contact Phone Number in Address Box
    Fix the bug that when choose to not including ACT contact phone number in contact address box on the QwikQuote 6 Options dialog it is not working.
    The problem is the choice on the options dialog is saved in another name than the one ACT plugins is to read. Now it works properly.
    Note: In windows 7 computers, you might need to set FULL Control right for users who use QwikQuote over the file QQuote6.INI in the Windows folder that normally goes at C:\Windows\ folder.
  7. Bug Fix:
    Remove the Occasional MISSING at the Top-Left Corner when using QQPDF Print Services
    The problem happens in case any quote user’s field is to be displayed on the layout but removed later from quote user’s fields without removing it from layout in the quoting software system. This is to denote the field is missing for debug purpose and it not printed when using QQPDF Printer Driver approach to create sales quotes PDF file. Now both approaches behavior the same in the QwikQuote quoting software package.
  8. Bug Fix:
    Now you can use decimal in the Markup and Margin Pricing Method
    Fixed the bug that return only 2 decimal digits in the function fmtPercent() that makes the decimal part of the Markup and Margin pricing method virtually not useful. Now you can use up to 6 decimal in the Markup and Margin pricing method in QwikQuote your quoting software.


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