What’s new in QwikQuote 6.5.006

  1. New Feature:
    QwikQuote Links to ACT! Module Support ACT! 2012
    Support ACT! 2012, all editions, including ACT! Premium for Web 2012 in your quoting software package.
    All ACT! 2012 editions are supported from version 14.0.454.0 or later releases.
    The feature is available from the new build 6.5.006 or later from QwikQuote web site below:
  2. New Feature:
    Include email address column in the QwikQuote Customized Quote reports.
    Email field is added to both the quote database QQuote.MDB and the reporter database RpdDate.MDB
    The QwikQuote Reporter in the quote software has been updated to have email field to be picked up as reporting column.
  3. New Behavior:
    Include Email Address now in File Organizer
    Change in the File Organizer to include the Email address field when create new Quote and Reporter database and collect the email value for reporting display when filling up new or existing quote and reporter databases in your quoting software system..
  4. New Behavior:
    Treat Layout Change as Quote Change
    Change the behavior that when the Layout change in the quote software the action will be treated as quote has been changed so that it will be saved and print PDF with the new layout.
  5. New Behavior:
    More Detailed Information Displayed for ‘Run as Administrator’ with QwikQuote Setup Wizard
    Add more accurate and detailed info when use ‘Run as Administrator’ to configure network server or client.
    1. Built-in Administrator normally do not set for network shared access rights
    2. When set for everyone access, still need actually to connect to it so as to provide log on ID and PW.
    3. When use ‘Run as Administrator’, need to actually log on as Administrator and access the server location.
  6. New Behavior:
    Sort ACT Company and Group Dropdown-box and Auto-match Contact Linked Company and Group
    1. Add new options so that it will allow user to choose sort direction – Ascending or descending.

    2. If the contact has Company and Group links
    then the first time trying to create an opportunity
    it will try to auto-select them in the Company and Group dropdown boxes.
  7. New Behavior:
    Enhancement in the QwikQuote Contact Import
    Add error trapping to the import form that will show the error sources.
    Add field mapping save and load to the contact import form so that it will not to redo it again
    when importing contacts into QwikQuote built-in contact database in your quoting software system:
  8. New Feature:
    Enhancement in the built-in QwikQuote Contact Manager
    In the built-in QwikQuote contact manager of your quotation software setup, more fields added to the Contact QQ Contact table including Email 2, Mobile Phone, Web Site, such as the screenshot shown below in the Find Contact dialog:

    Those fields are also reflected in the import dialog window in your quote software package as shown in the screenshot below:
  9. New Behavior:
    Enhancement in the QQPDF Print Services

In the QwikQuote QQPDF Print Service in your quotation software setup, now check the off boundary objects and limited it to the page width and height in the QQPDF Services at your choice. This feature will help in cases the objects might get out of page boundary such as you change paper size from Letter to A4 – from wider paper to narrower paper.
Interestingly, this is not a problem in the QQPDF printer driver for it hasn’t the feature to auto-centering the PDF page horizontally or vertically as the QQPDF services does in your quotation software package.
You can choose those control parameters from the QwikQuote 6 Options dialog PDF tab, such as the screenshot shown below.

Note: This is not a problem with QQPDF printer driver approach to create quote PDF file.

  1. New Behavior:

Keep the Activated Status when Re-Configuring the Run Mode
Re-do configuration by running QwikQuote Setup Wizard (qqLicConfig.exe) to change running mode in your quotation software setup or fixing the possible QQPDF driver issues in your quoting soft will now not lose the activated status of your quoting software licenses as long as you do not change QwikQuote Serial Number in both re-configuring QwikQuote Server Location or Local Single User cases. This behavior change will make the jobs easier when you re-install the QwikQuote quoting software package, re-do conjure in for bug fix, or trying to fix possible QQPDF Printer Driver issues in QwikQuote.

  1. New Behavior:

Keep Most of your Options when re-Install or re-Configure QwikQuote
Re-do setup or re-do configuration by running QwikQuote Setup Wizard (qqLicConfig.exe) for upgrade your quoting software package or doing QwikQuote bug fixes in your quotation software setups will check and see if it is still valid value then will keep your Options value, or replace it with a default value of the quoting software program settings. With this new behavior, in practical usage, as long as your computer does not have environment change, after re-install or re-configure, you QwikQuote copy will behavior the same as before in your quoting software setup.

  1. Bug Fix:
    Bug fix at Importing QwikQuote Price List to a New QwikQuote Price List database file directly
    When you try to import directly to a new QwikQuote Price List database file in your quoting software setup,
    you will encounter the following error for release 6.5.004 and 6.5.005:

    This is a code bug. It did not add the Item ID for the import to new Price List database directly.
    Before this bug fix, the work-around approach is to create a new Price List 1st and then add to it as existing Price List.
    The bug is fixed for 6.5.006 test build 3.
  2. Bug Fix:

It is a code error that for ACT 2005 or later is different control than for ACT 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 2000. ACT_SuppressQteInfo for new and SuppressQteInfo ACT for old versions. Fix is to use them correctly in controlling the calling ACT Save quote info dialog.
Now both cases are working correctly.


  1. Bug Fix:

No word wrapping for quote dynamic fields values in QQPDF .NET Services.
Fix by handling the choices to limit the value of the field to the object box width and height.

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