Whatís new in QwikQuote 6.6.001


  1. New Feature
    Support Windows 8 RP.
    This is to support Windows 8 Release Preview.
    This is to be prepared to support Windows 8, all Intel and AMD based computer editions.

  2. New Behavior
    Handle Vertical Alignment within QwikQuote
    The fix is to process the vertical alignment in QwikQuote code.† The DT_VCENTER and DT_BOTTOM †do not work when calling API function DrawText().† We then have to process the vertical position in our code.

  3. Bug Fix
    Fix the bug that save error when an Ad Hoc item part number with leading 0ís
    This is to fix a code bug that does not set the re-file part number correctly when an ad hoc item with part number are all zeros.
    The fix is to set and clear the error correctly at each End Edit event

  4. Bug Fix
    Fix the bug that add too many 00.Bak to the backup Price List files
    This is to fix a code bug that continue to add 00.Bak to any new back up price list files.

  5. New Behavior
    Change the way for save location on Mapped Driver Letters
    In a mapped network environment, if one user mapped QwikQuote Server location to Z:\ and another user mapped to X:\
    ††† both will encounter problem when open to show otherís quote for they do not user the same mapped driver letter.
    The fix is to check in network case try to use UNC name instead of mapped driver letter
    ††† Ė and when opening q quote in network UNC name try to check if it has the mapped server letter is ready to use

  6. New Behavior
    New user experiences when editing exchange alternate currency display settings.
    Add new code to handle different events that happen during the editing of the alternate currencies display settings.
    Change from within Text Change event to Enter Key and Lost Focus events and the sheet Edit Mode event.


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