What’s new in QwikQuote 6.6.002

  1. New Feature:
    Support Windows 8 RTM.
    QwikQuote now supports Windows 8 RTM, all editions.  It also supports Windows Server 2012, all editions.
  2. Bug Fix:
    Possible error when calling DIR() on Terminal Server 2008 R2
    Add a function to handle possible DIR() call error so that it will not kick out of the calling sub or function.

  3. New Behavior:
    Support 4 Added Charges
    Now QwikQuote support up to 4 added charges instead of 3.  You can use it to whatever usage in your quoting software system.

  4. New Behavior:
    Stop warning message when no added charge is shown in layout
    Add a choice on the Layout tab so that user can choose to stop the warning message when no added charge is show in layout
       for that might cause confusion in your client for calculate error in the final total.

  5. New Feature:
    Show contact home phone in layout
    Add code to allow Home Phone to be selected and show up on the layout by the name of ‘’Home Phone” if user use QwikQuote internal contact manager or ACT.

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