What is New in QwikQuote 6.6.003


  1. New Feature:
    Support Windows 8 RTM.
    This is to support Windows 8 RTM.
    This is to be prepared to support Windows 8, all editions.

  2. New Behavior:
    Use Inventory to show the available item quantity
    User Inventory to show the available quantity of the Product/Service Item in the stock.
  3. New Feature:
    Support 4 Added Charges
    QwikQuote is nor support up to 4 added charges for whatever usages in your business.

  4. New Behavior:
    New choice to stop warning message when added charge is not show up in Layout.
    The new choice in the Options/Layout tab allow you to stop warning message when the added charge is not show up in Layout.
    Please notice that this may cause question how your quote total is added up without show added charges.

  5. New Feature:
    Show Home Phone and more new fields in Layout
    A number of new field added in QwikQuote build in contact manager table including Home Phone.
    And those new fields are able to be used in quote and show up in Layout.

  6. New Feature:
    Support more added charge calculation and display options
    More Added Charge choices in calculation and display in Layout
    A new choice in Layout to allow you to enable auto-round off as an added Charge to full dollar in total

  7. New Feature:
    Support using ACT Customized Fields in Contact (Product, and Opportunity to come later)
    Enable to use and display the Customized Fields in ACT Contact Manager.
    The Option choice is accessible in the QwikQuote saving quote info to ACT Options dialog.

  8. Bug Fix:
    Fix the bug displaying user fields on small monitor with large number of User Fields
    Fix a bug that prone error message when you have large number of user fields and a small monitor.

  9. New Behavior:
    Warning the situation when try to run QwikQuote in Shared, Network location, or Mapped Driver
    Add code to detect the situation when trying to run QwikQuote in Shared Folder, Network location, or Mapped Driver.
    For the Windows enhanced security reason, application to run in this situation has much higher limited rights.
    QwikQuote needs to run as normal Windows application in local hard disk folder.

  10. New Feature:
    Allow Export Item Pictures when Export Price List to Excel Sheet
    Allow Export Item Pictures when Export Price List to Excel Sheet by using QYInvMgr.EXE.
    This allow you to re-create Price List database MDB file using image file link instead of put images in MDB file.
    This will significantly reduce the Price List database file size when it grows out bigger than 2GB.


Check for your download setup.exe and Update.exe file size as below.